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Pool Cleaners and Vacuums

Pool Cleaners and Vacuums

All types of cleaners available for all types of pool

Baracuda G3 Advanced Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda G3 is a pool cleaner that is designed to be a joy to use. It is extremely easy to operate and very user friendly.


The Baracuda G3 was designed with durability in mind. It only has one moving part and with the quality assurance built-in, this part should never fail. The quick release system makes it very easy to maintain your Baracuda G3 right at poolside. This provides excellent efficiency and makes it easy to use.


Top Product Features


  • Easy to Service with easy access to the unit’s interior using a quick release design.
  • Long-life hose made for durability
  • Anti-stick product design
  • Unit comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and a two year warranty for the hose.


The G3 offers a very thorough cleaning for your pool. It can easily navigate around ladders, steps and even your pool’s corners. In order to ensure the best performance, the automatic pool cleaner has a control valve that is self-adjusting in order to properly regulate the flow of water during use.




  • Thoroughly cleans your pool
  • The hose and the unit both come with a good warranty
  • Good quality with excellent performance and durability
  • Powered by your pool’s pump and filter systems




If you do not have a very powerful pool pump, the pool cleaner will not be very powerful.


Actual Customer Reviews of the Baracuda G3


One consumer reported in their review that their Baracuda G3 gave them 8 years of service. This is certainly a pool cleaner that has earned its reputation for durability and long lasting service. Most people agree that the G3 is a reliable and good choice for an in-ground automatic pool cleaner.


One other point that many of the Baracuda G3 users commented on was its ease of use and simple setup. In fact one commenter said all they had to do was follow the instructions in the box and it was ready to start cleaning.


Additional Customer Reviews for the Baracuda G3:


    … cleaning performance and operation have been excellent since the very first time it was placed in the pool. Prior to installing, I took about 5 minutes to read the instructions. They were well written and made setup extremely easy.


    …a couple of years ago we remodeled our pool and put in a pebble surface. This, of course, is much harder on a pool cleaner; however, this cleaner is so dependable and durable, it needs almost no attention.




This pool cleaner is great for the pool owner who has no interest in spending a great deal of time cleaning and maintaining their pool. It is easy to use. Easy to get setup. The best part is, it is almost completely automatic and ‘hands off’. Ideal for the busy pool owner.


The Baracuda G3 is a pool cleaner designed for users who want to keep their pool clean without all of the hassles.

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